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How to Read Business Books – Turn Spending into Earning

How to Read Business Books – Turn Spending into Earning

Price: $79.99

How many business books have you read? How many times, after having finished the book, do you think “Well that was interesting!”, and then tossed the book aside, with the vague idea that possibly, one day, you would follow the author’s advice? And did that ever happen? Did it really? As in, did you follow all the steps outlined in the book?

If you are like most of us, you read business books as you read any other book: while you’re going to sleep, in your spare time, as an audiobook while driving, etc. But is this the best way?

Reading a business book is a business decision. If you are taking other aspects of your business so seriously, why not the advice you can get from some of the greatest minds ever? Why are you treating this valuable information so lightly?

This course aims to help you treat business books the way they deserve to be treated, and give them the attention and analysis they deserve.

This course will cover:

  • How to pick what you should read next

  • How to decide which format to use

  • How to make sure you attain and, more importantly, act upon, all of the important information

  • Other bonus tips and tricks

You will also learn how to cluster books, how to relate books to previous ones you have read, how to take notes, and what to do about audiobooks!

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