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How to study effectively – boost your study skills

How to study effectively – boost your study skills

Price: $24.99

Do you want to improve your study skills? Or your children need it?

Problems with procrastination? Don’t know where to start? Afraid of missing something important? Would like to have more free time?

Use 20+ years combined study, teaching and working experience. Based on modern scientific studies.

What about to have more fun and less stress in school or work? Both is possible. Find help in this course.

I show you how to learn faster and get more time for your hobbies and friends. Do you want it? 😉

See the first results in few days.


Join almost 3.000 students already benefiting from the series School Can Be Fun courses!

Students confirm that this course help: “It took me months to learn some new stuff before. I can learn complex computer topics only in three days now! And to master in some specific topic I require only one month now.” Navis Michael Bearly

This course works. It is backed by actual scientific studies done to investigate how people learn, how they remember, and how they utilize time. I have taken what these studies have to say and combined it with over 25 years of personal experience (24 years student, 20 years teacher and lecturer) to develop study techniques that will allow you to study less and learn more.

This course is actually three courses in one. I cover brain function, time management, and study skills each in their own module so you aren’t faced with a massive overhaul of your study practices. You can incorporate one technique, see the effect it has on your study time and your performance, and go on to incorporate the rest of the techniques one at a time.

Only some details had to be changed in last three years. It describes the quality of the course!

I provide a broad range of information in this course, and that will be satisfactory for most of you, but if you would like to take an advanced course or read some specialized material, you’re more than welcome to do so. I provide information on many additional resources on given topic at the end of each section.


The course consists of 39 lectures, nine quizzes, and nine podcasts. In addition, there are several self-evaluation tests designed to help you understand your abilities so you can target areas of weakness for extra work.

The length of the lectures varies from two minutes to five minutes and it’s possible to watch them all in two hours. I recommend, however, that you do not do so. The way to get the most out of this course is to take each module separately and incorporate it into your study routine before moving on to the next section.


The course is aimed at high school students and freshman college students, but will be of use to anyone who wants to improve his/her study skills.

I guarantee that you will see some results immediately after applying these techniques. You’ll want to continue through the whole course. Many of the techniques require diligent practice, but you will be able to see the results right from the beginning and feel your confidence rise as you progress. You should see your grade improvement at the end of your term while practicing these techniques.

This course will teach you:

  • How to manage your time.
  • How to take notes effectively and efficiently.
  • How to improve your ability to remember facts, figures, and dates.
  • How to effectively utilize the resources you have.
  • How to recognize what is important and what isn’t.
  • The basics of deeper learning.

Most of all, this course will teach you how to be the best student (whatever age you are) you can be by finding the right balance, using the right methods, and working with the right motivation and the right timing.


This course is part of a wider project called “School Can Be Fun”. Find a lot of other free stuff on our Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel.

And remember, there is a 30 day money back guarantee so if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can request a refund.


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