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How To Study For Exams – Essential Study Skills for Memory

How To Study For Exams – Essential Study Skills for Memory

Price: $94.99

Even though we can be in school for 15-20 years we are never taught what are the most effective study techniques that we should be using. Whether you are studying for GMAT, A-Levels, Leaving Cert, SAT, Undergraduate or Postgraduate, you want to use the most effective learning study skills. In this course we ‘learn how to learn’ and take an evidence-based look at the latest scientific literature on study techniques to find out what strategies we should be using. Using effective study techniques allows students to boost their grades and frees up time to do more interesting things. Most student’s rely on intuitive techniques like highlighting and rereading, but these have shown to not be very effective and lead to poor exam results. If you want to find out the most effective learning techniques that lead to better long term memory, take this course.

What will you learn?

  • What study techniques to avoid using, such as highlighting and rereading

  • What learning techniques lead to the best long term memory

  • How to keep motivated when using study techniques

  • How to take smart notes

  • How to set smart goals

  • How to avoid illusions of knowledge and to know when you know

  • You will “learn how to learn”

About the instructor:

  • Postdoctoral researcher and lecturer

  • 4.0/4.0 GPA

  • PhD in Computer Science

  • Very interest in learning how to learn for the last 10+ years


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