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How to tap into SuperHuman Awareness

How to tap into SuperHuman Awareness

Price: $19.99

  • How to tap into SuperHuman Awareness is a 5-day training on how to tap into higher self-awareness and learn the language of your soul.

  • During the 5 days, you will learn: What is EGO. How does it operate and creates unconscious beliefs to keep us in hiding, How does it make us play small and influence us to make decisions that have nothing to do with what we truly want. How did it condition us to believe not to take risks and go into the unknown.

  • How To Reconnect with the BODY: – Here you will realise how incredibly powerful and intelligent your body is. When you give it the right nutrients, you will tap into self healing abilities. We will also learn a few powerful techniques to manage stress, improve personal resilience and fix digestion issues. As the father of medicine, Hippocrates, once said: “ All disease starts in the Gut” so it is crucial to keep it healthy.

  • How to Activate Heart Intelligence: Firstly you will discover what actually is a heart brain. Then you will tap into the qualities of the heart like joy, appreciation, kindness, gratitude etc. And then you will learn about the language of the heart, which is the centre of our Soul, intuition, what is it exactly and how to understand this mysterious language.

  • The core of SuperHuman Teachings is Heart Intelligence. Discovering and learning about the heart Brain is the most empowering lesson anyone can take in their lifetime. Heart intelligence and how our heart affects not only how we feel and think, but it also influences people around us and our whole planet. After these 5 days you will never look at yourself, others and the world in the same way – the whole perception of yourself and the world around you will change completely, so you can lead the life you truly desire.


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