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How To Use Encyclopedic Cards To Increase Intelligence

How To Use Encyclopedic Cards To Increase Intelligence

Price: Free

Discover the secrets used by ambitious parents to increase their children’s intelligence.

Do you want to grow an intelligent kid who will love learning?

Are you eager to learn how to use cards to teach encyclopedic facts?

Do you want to know how the most ambitious parents increase their children’s intelligence?

This course covers all that!

In 10-20 years, the world will be driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and smart robots. Will our kids be unemployed? Hopefully not – let’s make sure we boost our kids’ intelligence and enable them to start their life greatly.

I’ve designed this course especially for parents who want to see their kids thrive in 2040s. For parents, who want to accelerate their kids and give them some “unfair” advantage.

I will walk you through the proven method from The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential from Philadelphia, USA. And will add my experience from teaching my two kids.

At the end of the course, you will not just know how to teach your kids, but you will also be able to create your own encyclopedic fact cards or get them online (#everyMonday).

Anyways, you have nothing to lose. Try this course and if you can honestly say that you learned nothing, just email Udemy, and they will give you a 100% refund within 30 days.


  • Video quality: Very high (1080p HD, 1920×1080)

Did You Know?

  • Teaching kids facts is strongly recommended by Susan Wise Bauer, a homeschooling pioneer and author of the famous book Well Trained Mind.

Enjoy & have fun teaching your kids! 🙂

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