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How to Use Leadership Styles Effectively: Matched Leadership

How to Use Leadership Styles Effectively: Matched Leadership

Price: $94.99

In this course I will walk you through how you can effectively use and match four different leadership styles.

Throughout the years I have seen so many leaders waste their time and talent by not matching their leadership style effectively, resulting in high costs, both financially as well as health and relationship wise.

Through clearly explained videos and downloadable materials I will walk you through step by step how to identify the different competence levels of your followers and match your leadership effectively.

Learn How To Effectively Match Your Leadership Style – Step By Step

  • Recognize the four different competence levels
  • Understand the need for four different leadership styles
  • Free up their time and energy by leading more effectively
  • Increase the motivation of your followers

Built on 20 years experience and more than 2000 hours of research

When I found my trainees struggling to adapt their leadership effectively I could not find an easy, practical material to teach them this.

So based on my background as a teacher, 20 years of working with leaders across the world and extensive research, I created that material.

Managers, leaders and human resource workers have since told me how simple it is to understand, how it gives them several “Aha!”-moments and how they use it as a continuing reference in their work.

In this course you will learn to recognize the four different competence levels and how they affect your leadership.

You will gain an understanding of the need for the four different leadership styles and how to use them effectively.

I will teach you how to free up their time and energy by leading each team member or follower they way they need to be led to achieve their full potential.

You will get vital keys to increasing the motivation and efforts of your team members.

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