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How To Write a Resume That Gets You a Corporate Job?

How To Write a Resume That Gets You a Corporate Job?

Price: $19.99

How to write a resume that will LAND YOU AN INTERVIEW EVERY SINGLE TIME?

Think of a resume as a bridge to your new job. Before you actually speak to a recruiter on during a job interview you need to establish a reliable communication channel and that might be a challenge. You need to play according to rules and best-practices of people whose job is to recruit new employees and that’s where “How To Write a Resume That Gets You a Corporate Job” course gives you hand! And more!

The new normal is there are tens or sometimes even hundreds of applications for a job position, how can you stand out and shine instead of disqualifying yourself with the application documents that don’t make it through the initial pre-screening?

Wrong phone number or unprofessional personal picture can undermine your application in a minute. Learn about personal details important for any resume.

Did you know Uniqueness sells? Let me explain…

What are your inner diamonds? Have you discovered your born talents and strength, yet?

Don’t worry, I got you covered. 🙂

The course will teach you how to introduce your personality, talents, strengths, skills and competences as the right “personality mix” to any recruiter. Learn how to create and use your unique personality to persuade recruiters you are the best fit for a job position.

The key to successfully landing a corporate interview every single time is making your documents RELEVANT and that’s why I created this course.

Are you wondering what’s the best way to approach the questions below?

  • Which personal details are critical information for a potential employer?

  • What do recruiters listen to? How to tailor your resume to the role you are applying for?

  • What to write if we have little/no work experience?

  • How to quantify success from previous jobs? How to apply for a job that is less relevant to your current job position?

  • How to build your personal brand through a resume?

  • Are you unsure of the uncompleted study? What is more important education or job experience? How to deal with certificates in your resume?

  • How to reorder PC skills based on the role you are applying for? Which to list first, second and third? Level of knowledge and it’s importance. Java and Photoshop are different.

  • How to “sell” your skills in an interview? How to prepare a success story for specific competencies that matter?

  • How to measure the level of your language skill in a unified way? What other skills and achievements are worth mentioning?

  • How to be brief and relevant so you are invited for an interview? How to go creative in your resume?

  • Did you publish some research or academic work? Are you a blogger or have you created some webpage? How to enter this info in your resume?

  • What kind of personal brand do you want to build through hobbies? How to show your personality matches the job requirements perfectly?

  • How to use the visual format of the resume to increase readability and success rate?

and more…

Let me help you with that today, be the star on the interview and get the job! Great resume = entrance ticket to success.

It’s absolutely possible and it all starts with RELEVANT APPLICATION DOCUMENTS.

Learn how to prepare catchy application documents every single time now and be ready for the development of your professional career.


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