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How women can build a strong personal brand as professionals

How women can build a strong personal brand as professionals

Price: $74.99

While a personal brand seems like a strange concept, it’s actually incredibly important.

Barely a week goes by when gender in the workforce isn’t a hot topic. For women looking to move their careers forward in spite of gender-biased obstacles, it can be increasingly difficult to create the right opportunities to ensure your talent is noticed.Your brand affects how people perceive you professionally; having and projecting a strong personal brand can give you greater confidence and open up more career opportunities. It also has important business benefits too.

Identifying your personal brand can be one of the most challenging things, yet at the same time when explored it can be prove to be the most rewarding and eye-opening adventure. I guarantee that upon completion of this course you will leave feeling inspired and ready to take those first steps to defining your identity, purpose and brand for application in your personal and work life!

This course includes:

  • Video lessons that clearly explain the roadmap required to develop your personal brand
  • Exercises and worksheets that help you match your brand to your personality, thus improving authenticity
  • Real-world examples of brands created by other professionals just like you to inspire you and get you excited about creating your brand
  • Free and low-cost resources so you can use along the way to develop, strengthen and protect your brand

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