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How you can ACE Digital Electronics, and become a GURU !

How you can ACE Digital Electronics, and become a GURU !

Price: $39.99

This course is about helping you to make money by becoming skilled in Electronics. This course won’t cover everything but
this is where you start
Digital Electronics

The Electronics field is begging for people who can understand its theory and implement it in hard circuitry that gets jobs done. Electronics knowledge is critical to being the independent self-sufficient person you want to and need to be.

This course is about creating, and running Electronics, specifically Digital Logic Gates in CIRCUITS THAT YOU WILL CREATE using excellent electronic-circuit freeware.

You gotta have a PC with Windows software to follow me, and an Internet connection, no more.

The course will last over an hour, about 71 minutes, and demands involvement on your part. “Demands” is the critical word.

You will watch me build simple electronic circuits using sophisticated components like the AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR and XOR Gates.

You will see me do it step by step and you will closely follow along on your PC and software. That way you will be able to do it yourself, because that is what a Guru does. Gurus can do it themselves easily.

You will then learn about and transcribe Truth Tables from right off the circuits that you yourself created while watching me. When you can do all this yourself blindfolded, You own Guru status in this realm. My job is to maximize your understanding of this material and minimize the time it takes for you to reach that Guru status level.

So, let me ask you: Do you want to further your career and:

  • Become more independent ?
  • Make electronics that perform meaningful practical tasks ?
  • Sell them ?
  • Make oodles of money doing so ?
  • Become a Guru in Electronics ?

Then this is where you begin.

So begin now, procrastination is poison. Sign up, and I’ll see you in the course !


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