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Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Advanced 3

Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Advanced 3

Price: $49.99

Over the next two courses (HUMINT Advanced 3 & 4) we will be looking at options for meeting with the sources and source security. This includes some online/remote management of sources but focuses more on sources whom you will physically meet and debrief. In some instances, there may high levels of danger – depending upon where you work and what your IRs are. The touchpoint of physical meetings is where handling becomes very real and the risk levels can become higher. This is what you will hear increasing references to;

  • Handler teams – the debriefers at a venue or meeting location

  • Cover team – the protection for the source and handlers

  • Meet mechanics (later) – how it all fits together and interacts

It can be complex (on-the-ground) but, from my experience, this is the most enjoyable part of HUMINT

We will be discussing online and physical source management but increasingly moving towards the physical for Advanced 4. Both online and physical source management have their challenges and both are open to being exploited by your sources and third parties (more later). These days, I can receive detailed, tactical data from almost any war zone around the world in a matter of hours, via the internet, however, how do I manage these sources, confirm the veracity of the information and pay the sources?


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