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Hyperion Financial Management From Basic to Advanced User

Hyperion Financial Management From Basic to Advanced User

Price: $79.99

Hyperion Financial management is a consolidation Tool. It simplified the consolidation process eliminating spreadsheet that usually carry a lot of human errors.

The curse focuses in teach Finance user how the information flow in the system . Which will help them understand how to load information , build reports and how to talk to developer when they request system changes.

It will go over basic Accounting principle essential tu understand why HFM work as it does . This will teach developers Finance User language and the Accounting Principle that give Hyperion Financial Management background

This curse will work as a bridge between Developer and Financial Users.

It will provide 5 macros that will simplified day to day work:

– First Macro will allow Metadata Manager In excel

-Second Macro will automatically format a report of Financial Data manager to improve analysis of Target and Source information

-Third Macro will Import and export Data files from excel. Allowing modification of the file

-Forth Macro will allow construction on Journal in excel and will automatically generate upload file

-Fifth Macro is SmartView Template that can be use to Import and Export information.

This course focus in Classic HFM application .

The course will not provide system access.


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