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Hyperledger Fabric 2.x Network Design & Setup

Hyperledger Fabric 2.x Network Design & Setup

Price: $94.99

Updated to Fabric Version 2.x in July 2020

Setting up Hyperledger Fabric Infrastructure is a complex task that requires the users to understand the concepts and the tools. This course is for technologists who are looking to architect & design solutions on Hyperledger Fabric based Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

This course has already helped 1000s of students gain expertise on Fabric Network design & setup.

At the end of this course students will:

  1. Have hands on knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric Components & Practices

  2. Understand how to design the Hyperledger Fabric Infrastructure as per the requirements

  3. Setup Fabric Certification Authorities & Manage identities

  4. Be able to setup the test & production grade Fabric network infrastructure

  5. Design Consortium setups & policies

  6. Configure the YAML files for Fabric network initialization

  7. Carry out Fabric network configuration updates

  8. Be able to setup Fabric Network on

    1. Native in a Virtual Machine (Locally)

    2. Cloud (AWS)

    3. Docker & Docker Compose

    4. Minikube & Kubernetes (GCP)

  9. Will be in a position to take the CHFA exam (Practice required)

Tools Covered:

  • configtxgen, cryptogen, configtxlator

  • orderer, peer, kafka

  • fabric-ca-server, fabric-ca-client

  • jq, docker, docker-compose, minikube kubernetes

  • AWS & GCP installation

Before joining the course:

  • Go through the preview lectures & Make sure you understand my accent 🙂

  • Be aware that this course covers advanced topics & may require you to spend time on additional readings etc

  • Understand the basics of Hyperledger Fabric – take a look at my course on Composer, it will help build a solid foundation

  • Know this course will NOT teach you how to develop chaincode – take a look at my course on “Mastering Chaincode Development with GoLang”


  • Students MUST have the conceptual knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric DLT

  • Students MUST be comfortable with basic Linux commands

  • Students MUST be comfortable with basic/simple shell scripts

  • Students MUST be willing to learn (Fabric related technologies) on their own

Good to have:

  • Basic understanding of Docker / Kubernetes

  • Understanding of Virtual Machines | Hypervisors

  • Access to any public cloud (AWS, Google …)

  • Working knowledge of JSON or YAML format


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