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If You are thinking of Construction in the Digital world then Hilti’s Paid study trip in strategic IT locations around the world is for You

Win a paid study trip at one of Hilti’s strategic IT locations around the world!

The competition comprises of 2 parts, namely the semifinals and the finals. The semifinals event will be conducted via video conferencing. The best submissions will be invited for Semi-final presentation. The semifinals qualifiers will be announced at the Hilti IT Competition 2019 website and will be informed via email. For the finals, you will be flown to Kuala Lumpur. The whole competition revolves around 3 topics:

1. Digital Collaboration and Mobility
2. Disruptive Technology in the Construction Industry
3. Creative and Innovative Talent Management

Dream up an IoT or AR solution to Hilti’s services better!

Apply here and you could be in Switzerland, Malaysia or America to network with Hilti, an international company that makes cool tools for construction professionals. From power tools to drills and saws – they make it all.



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