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Implement projects using Enhanced REFramewok in UiPath

Implement projects using Enhanced REFramewok in UiPath

Price: Free

1.Understand about the overview of Enhanced Robotic Enterprise Framework

2. Interact with Enhanced Robotic Enterprise Framework components such as Config Files, Orchestrator, JSON and Transaction objects

2.Learn about Work blocks, State Transitions and Try Catch to achieve end to end transaction automation

3.Interacting with Config files and Orchestrator (Queues and Assets) from the framework

4.Understand the implementation of Exception handling and Logging messages

5.Learn to automate any windows and web applications right from scratch using UiPath Enhanced REFramework

6.Demo of implemented framework and verifying Results

Note: A simple Currency Conversion project using a Desktop application, Web-application and Excel files are implemented for Demo purposes

Please go through thoroughly and provide excellent ratings and any your most valuable feedback’s for creating more useful videos suitable to your needs! Stay connected and Enjoy Learning!!


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