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Influence without Authority

Influence without Authority

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Price: $79.99



Lead conflict-free workplace teams with high synergy and leverage the power of purpose to accomplish business goals.

Consider this scenario: You’re tasked with leading a project within your organization, but in an unofficial capacity.

Technically, you’re not in a position of leadership, but you’ve been given managerial responsibilities, such as generating a budget, creating a schedule, and managing and coordinating a team. So long as everyone else plays along, you should be fine. But that can be a big ask.

While your co-workers might not be intentionally trying to thwart your success, their priorities are naturally going to align with those who hold authority over them and their jobs—their supervisors. Without a position of authority, your priorities are likely to take a back seat to everything else on your team’s plate, often to the detriment of your initiative.

Does this sound familiar? If so, then this course will give you insights on how to lead without authority.

What will you Learn?

  • Differences between Influence and Persuasion

  • The 5 step process of Influencing

  • The 6 Key principles of influence

  • Currencies of influence

Top skills you will learn

Engage others and manage interactions, Influence tactics, Influence techniques, Influence models

Ideal For

Product Managers, Business Analysts, Business Heads, Functional Managers, Startup Founders, Team Leads

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