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Interview Essentials and Resume Writing Course

Interview Essentials and Resume Writing Course

Price: $79.99

Your resume still represents a key that can open or close many doors. How has the ideal resume evolved over the past few years in this new world of social media? What are key items to include, and red flags to avoid in your resume?

Now you have an interview. How do you ensure that you can take full advantage of this opportunity? How do you make the right impression within the first ten minutes, avoid common interview mistakes, and close the deal?

The explore how to build a compelling resume that shows you can satisfy the needs of the employer and that sets you apart from the others and how to focus the interview on the employer’s needs and your skills.

This course is brought to you by Illumeo. Illumeo, incorporated in 2009, is revolutionizing the hide-bound world of corporate learning. Illumeo works with corporate professionals and organizations of all sizes to build the skills and capabilities that help everyone be an expert at their job. Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Illumeo serves thousands of corporations and corporate professionals across Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing. The platform offers assessments, industry-benchmarked competency analyses, hundreds of expert-developed courses, collaborative tools, and the ability for companies to self-publish internal courses that promote institutional knowledge retention and dissemination.Illumeo is the place for expertise management and we are dedicated to the proposition that everyone can be an expert at their job.


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