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IoT Fundamentals: Build your first project with BLE Beacons

IoT Fundamentals: Build your first project with BLE Beacons

Price: $19.99

Have you wondered what all the hype surrounding beacons is about? What are they exactly, how do they function?

Are you also an IoT enthusiast like us, wondering what the next shift in IoT is going to look like?

Well then you’re in luck, this course is designed to introduce you to the whole beacon technology and the core concepts of it. Anyone from any background is welcome to take this course for a better understanding of IoT and BLE beacons. Usually, when it comes to IoT projects, microcontrollers like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP-32 comes to mind. However, we will introduce iBeacons or BLE Beacons. Beacons have revolutionized the IoT industry with their endless use cases and applications being deployed all around the world. Unfortunately, many people have not even heard of this cutting edge technology which could be being used in their local malls!

What we teach you in the course?

Very Simply, the most excited you should be is for you to get to build your very first IoT project with beacons (We know we are excited to teach you).

Well, we start off with introducing you to the concepts and core of beacon technology, and IoT in general.

We help you to order you very own kit of beacons from Estimote. We then take you through a complete IoT project, a smart museum, from start to finish with well known IoT technologies and protocols like MQTT and BLE.

As an added bonus, you will also get introduced to web technologies like-

  • Ionic Framework

  • Very Basic Angular Concepts

  • and Node.js

These frameworks and technologies are a rage in the industry right now! Ionic is growing in popularity all over the world as one of the best cross platform development frameworks. Node.js well, you know its importance. Also in addition to these you will not use them for traditional web apps but instead deploy a full featured IoT Application using them, importing libraries for MQTT and iBeacon, and trust me when I tell you, no one is doing this right now!

You will also get introduced to Android Studio environment, very minimally but nonetheless important.

Lastly, our aim is to get you to think “IoT”. By the end of the course you should be feeling excited to move on and create apps/systems for your very own IoT based ideas, or at least you will definitely start thinking of ideas if you don’t have a few already.

The course has no great pre-requisites except maybe a simple understanding of JavaScript or Programming languages is preferred but not necessary, so what are you waiting for, go ahead and START YOUR OWN JOURNEY IN IOT!


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