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IT Business Analyst & Project Managers Technical awareness.

IT Business Analyst & Project Managers Technical awareness.

Price: $19.99

How would you measure software application quality?

Name a few cross cutting concerns that a software application should address?

What is Version/Source Control / GIT / Azure Repos / JIRA ?

What is CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery)?

Name the various tests used in developing an application?

What is a Framework?

What is a web application using MVC Framework?

What is an ORM Framework?

What are Web Services / Web APIs?

What are Cloud services like IAAS / PAAS / SAAS ?

What is Agile Scrum?

What are classes and objects?

What is Big Data?

Are you joining an IT team as a Business Analyst? Are you moving to IT from a non IT role? Are you a non technical Project Manager? Do you know if your team is creating a quality product? How do you measure software application quality? What cross cutting concerns must a software address? What is the Agile Scrum framework? What is the MVC architecture? Why are Web APIs used? What is the difference between IAAS and PAAS? This quick and easy course will introduce you to the world of software development so you can confidently talk to the developers and understand what goes on in your software projects. This course will give you the essential knowledge required to work in IT.

Student Review Demetrius Corley :

This course gives a very good overview of the subject matter. The detail contained in the course give a good foundation for students seeking to dive deeper into the subject.

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