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IT Project Management: Delivering successful IT projects

IT Project Management: Delivering successful IT projects

Price: $94.99

What are the skills and capabilities required to succeed as an IT project manager?

The evidence suggests that the success rate for IT projects is poor – more than half of projects are challenged in some aspect, whether in terms of cost, time or the quality of what is delivered.

Outstanding IT project managers understand that, in the real world, successful IT projects isn’t just about crafting a project plan – it’s about assessing the ROI of projects, defining a clear scope, estimating in a rational manner, building a high-performance team, managing stakeholder expectations, and more.

This course is designed for those involved in managing IT projects. Unlike PMP, this course is specific to IT projects, which have their own distinct set of complexities.

The course is broken down into distinct, easy to digest modules:

  • Develop a project mindset

  • Prepare a project proposal

  • Manage project scope and requirements

  • Plan and schedule projects

  • Estimate projects in a rational manner

  • Manage stakeholder expectations

  • Conduct agile projects

  • Build a high-performance project team

  • Analyse project risk

  • Manage a project portfolio

Note: This course was originally designed as a graduate course for the MSc programme in Information Systems @ Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. As an in-class course, it has benefited hundreds of IT professionals. The course will be updated with new materials as appropriate.


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