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IT Service management: develop SLA, Service catalog, OLA

IT Service management: develop SLA, Service catalog, OLA

Price: $39.99

Learn to deliver business value by IT services!

This course is for both business and IT managers. The course main goal is to deliver the best IT management practices, and help both IT and business managers create business value by using IT services.

Enroll now and improve your knowledge and skills in:

– develop IT strategy;

– define IT services portfolio;

– provide IT/business analysis,

– create patterns of business activities (PBA)

– develop IT services catalog

– develop Service level agreements (SLAs) between a customer and IT,

– develop OLAs – internal agreements between different IT groups and teams. OLA supports SLA by better integration and collaboration of various IT teams and professionals.

New! The trainer added assignments to the course, and now students can prepare there own IT service documents and upload them for trainer’s verification. The assignments are optional. I am always glad to give my feedback on your request.


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