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Influence without Authority

Influence without Authority

Prezzo: $79.99



Lead conflict-free workplace teams with high synergy and leverage the power of purpose to accomplish business goals.

Consider this scenario: You’re tasked with leading a project within your organization, but in an unofficial capacity.

Tecnicamente, you’re not in a position of leadership, but you’ve been given managerial responsibilities, such as generating a budget, creating a schedule, and managing and coordinating a team. So long as everyone else plays along, you should be fine. But that can be a big ask.

While your co-workers might not be intentionally trying to thwart your success, their priorities are naturally going to align with those who hold authority over them and their jobs—their supervisors. Without a position of authority, your priorities are likely to take a back seat to everything else on your team’s plate, often to the detriment of your initiative.

Does this sound familiar? Se è così, then this course will give you insights on how to lead without authority.

What will you Learn?

  • Differences between Influence and Persuasion

  • Il 5 step process of Influencing

  • Il 6 Key principles of influence

  • Currencies of influence

Top skills you will learn

Engage others and manage interactions, Influence tactics, Influence techniques, Influence models

Ideal For

Una mappatura delle storie utente completa e raffinata con obiettivi, Una mappatura delle storie utente completa e raffinata con obiettivi, Business Heads, Functional Managers, Startup Founders, Leader della squadra

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