rimedi erboristici ayurvedici per occhi secchi?


Amblyopia in adults può essere treated, spesso attraverso una combinazione di lenti graduate, terapia della vista e talvolta patching.

L'ambliopia può essere trattata perché il cervello ha "plasticità". I circuiti del cervello possono effettivamente cambiare a qualsiasi età. We use vision therapy to retrain the visual system. This includes not only the eyes, but also the brain and the visual pathways.The treatment for amblyopia includes:

Eyeglasses or contact lenses (proper lenses can help reduce stress so that the under-used eye can start to work more efficiently);
Forcing the weaker eye to work by blocking or fogging the favored eye with special lenses, an eye patch or eye drops;
A program of vision therapy to help equalize vision in both eyes, improve eye coordination, and restore clear single vision


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