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Gestione del tempo & Aumentare la produttività: Meno stress, fare di più

Gestione del tempo & Aumentare la produttività: Meno stress, fare di più

Prezzo: $94.99


Do you feel overwhelmed with all your responsibilities and tasks with work, famiglia, and community?

Do you struggle with work/life balance?

Do you want to manage your time more efficiently and feel more satisfied with life?

Se è così, sei capitato nel posto giusto! This course is designed to help people who struggle with managing their time while trying to do it all. I know your time is limited and precious, Così each lesson is around 3-5 minutes and you can learn at your own pace. Questo corso è designed to be as practical as possible, so I’ve cut out all the fluff and boring theory so that you can learn as quickly as possible.

I personally use all the tips & tricks in this course and I have taught them to thousands of happy students.


  • Come beat procrastination instantly usando il 5 Second Rule

  • Come motivate yourself to start big tasks by breaking them down into bite-sized pieces

  • Come Salva 4 hours per week using simple, proven Time Management techniques

  • E altro ancora!


  • Taught by a CPA, CA, MBA Calvin K. Lee

  • He is a top-rated instructor at Schulich School of Business at York University

  • Al di sopra di 55,000+ studenti da 172 countries enrolled in his courses

  • Accesso a vita to this course, and you receive new lessons and updates for FREE.

  • Lui ha 15 Anni di esperienza in accounting and bookkeeping

  • He has worked in a Grande 4 accounting firm (Ernst & Young)

  • Subtitles (captions) available in English

  • Il collante che tiene unita una comunità, così le donne si mostrano l'una per l'altra e invitano i loro amici perché stanno ricevendo così tanto valore a disposizione

  • If you aren’t absolutely satisfied, I’ll refund your money with a 30-giorno soddisfatti o rimborsati


  • It is really eye opening! I really enjoy this course! He has nailed every point and I have found myself guilty of doing those mistakes mentioned. I also like how it gets to the point right away with the short videos! Extremely helpful for us who have a very busy schedule.” – Sophia P.

  • I really like how the instructor introduces the topic and how he gives personal experience as his example for the topic.” – Wina Q.

  • The teaching style in several parts is very useful to us and the quizzes are also very effective. From these lectures we come to learn how to split a big task into bite-sized pieces. We also knew how to save our time in daily life and increase our productivity.” – Rachaita D.

  • I like everything that has been discussed especially the topic on important vs urgent tasks because it is really true that some urgent task has no significant importance.” – Cherry M.

  • I like that this course is designed in a way that it may be well-received by different styles of learners. I can read through the slides, I can listen, I see visual aids, and there are examples that I can relate toaside from having mini knowledge checks in between.” – Mary D.

  • The tips given in the course are very practical and simple and the instructor’s teaching style is also inspiring and straightforward” – Sudip R.

  • This course has been very helpful so far. The teaching style is very nice and efficient. Quick videos make it more interesting and the explanation is simple and to the point.” – Harish S.



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