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jGRASP Basics for New Java Programmers (PC)

jGRASP Basics for New Java Programmers (PC)

Price: Free

jGRASP is frequently used in introductory Java programming courses. It is a freely available and beginner friendly software creation tool.

However, all too often, new Java programming students are required to download and start using this software to write their programs, with no additional instruction about what it is or how to use it.

Who this course is for

Designed for the new Java programmer, who has never used jGRASP before, this course will cover what jGRASP is, the concepts behind creating a program, and the most basic use and navigation skills to get up and running with jGRASP as quickly as possible.

Course Topics:

  • What is a program?

  • What is jGRASP?

  • Download and Install jGRASP

  • Meet jGRASP

  • Create a Java program

  • Obtain input to a program

  • Uninstall jGRASP (if you want to)

In the interests of time and efficiency, the more advanced and non-essential features of jGRASP will not be covered.

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