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Jira Administration: Configuring Jira for Agile Teams

Jira Administration: Configuring Jira for Agile Teams

Price: $99.99

The Jira administration training course: Configuring Jira for Agile Teams is aimed at intermediate to advanced users of Jira who would like to learn how to configure Jira projects and customise this powerful tool to optimise their agile processes. The course focuses on showing users how to configure Jira projects with a specific agile SLDC example. You will further understand security in Jira Core and how to secure a Jira project. At the end of the course you will have a holistic overview of how the various Jira administration elements fit together, to support effective Jira project administration and best practice for any Jira project configuration.

Jira Core is also a very powerful workflow or business process automation tool which can be used in IT and non-IT areas. Jira Core is very configurable and it allows various teams within the same organisation to use Jira customised to their own particular needs without affecting the operations or configurations of another team or area.

Jira Core provides the base configuration capability for all other Jira products like Jira Software and Jira Service Desk and encapsulate all the configuration capability of all Jira products.

In order for your organisation to fully grasp the benefits of utilising the powerful and very configurable Jira Core solution, you will require an in-depth knowledge of the Jira administrator capabilities.

The following modules are available as part of this course:

  • Module 1: Jira configuration concepts

  • Module 2: Using out of the box Jira project templates

  • Module 3: An agile SDLC example

  • Module 4: Security in Jira

  • Module 5: Managing access to a Jira project

  • Module 6: Building a project template from scratch

  • Module 7: Mapping Project configuration to agile boards


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