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Jira for Agile-Scrum with Admin-2020

Jira for Agile-Scrum with Admin-2020

Price: $24.99

Atlassian Jira is the most widely used ALM tool for Agile Projects and as world continues to adopt Agile practices, Jira has evolved to suit the various Agile methods and customer needs.

The course deep dives into the usage of Jira and its configuration and customization’s for effective use of the tool required by teams. The concepts behind these configurations in Jira are explained through various scenarios and best practices that students will connect with instantly and help them imbibe the tool usage in particular situations.

Course Outline:

• Jira Overview with Setup in Cloud

• Creating Projects in Jira with Templates

• Scrum Overview

• Working with Scrum Projects in Jira

• Roles in Jira

• Jira Board Configurations

• Workflows in Jira

• Screens & Schemes Configurations

• Issue Types and Fields Configurations

• JQL and Filters

• Dashboards & Report Configurations.

• Miscellaneous (Shared Configs, Components, Linking Issues, Time Logs, Watchers, Notifications)

• Scaling Projects in Jira

• Course Summary

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