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Jira Server for Power Users

Jira Server for Power Users

Price: $24.99

Jira for Power Users helps upskill Jira users by teaching them how to work with a team of people using Jira. After this course, you will be more familiar with project administration, advanced Jira Query Language (JQL), working with Jira Software boards, and creating and interpreting Jira reports.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Use components, release and versions; setup uses and roles; update and navigate Jira user profiles

  • Create and manage Jira issues, specifically looking at working with fields, linking issues, and working with more advanced workflow features

  • Use advanced JQL, including some examples of advanced JQL queries

  • Work with Jira Software boards, including a review of Jira Software, doing some advanced board configuration, and managing issues using multiple boards

  • Run reports based on filters

This training was written using Jira version 7.09.0 and should take about 3 hours.


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