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Just Execute – Pointers in Programming

Just Execute – Pointers in Programming

Price: $59.99

This online course is designed for anyone who wishes to learn the aspects of programming and make a foray into the Programming World.

This course helps you in mastering the programming thinking Skills. How to write the programs professionally and solve the problems at multiple levels of depth. Use the problem solving skills to build the diverse problem solving toolkit.

When learning a new programming language it is important to understand the core programming concepts. It is not enough just focusing on the syntax and the underlying concepts. In most of the circumstances, one hears about programs that had to be rewritten all over again? It is because the bugs present in it could not be relocated. So, how we are going to chase them away? This course will help you to use the best approach to solve the task at hand. This course will cover several fundamental concepts that makes you a smart and more efficient programmer. This course bridges the gap by connecting the theory to practice. This course has a series of videos that helps you in exploring the concepts in C++ programming.


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