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Leading Millennials: How to be an Effective Coach!

Leading Millennials: How to be an Effective Coach!

Price: $94.99

Enroll today to begin increasing your competency in Coaching Leadership!

The Millennials have arrived, and in a big way! They are the largest generation in the workforce, and expected to represent 75% of workers by 2025. Leaders who effectively motivate, coach, and engage these young professionals will be rewarded with workplaces filled with optimism and creativity.

This course was created for leaders who have a desire to be come stronger coaches, and individual contributors interested in transitioning into leadership positions. The skills that are taught in “Leading Millennials” are applicable to all generations, and resonate with students across the globe!

During this course, you will learn:

  • Differences between the four working generations

  • How to engage, develop, and retain Millennials

  • Tips on how to become a more effective coach for all generations

Tip Sheets available for download include:

  • Leading Millennials (Lecture 2)

  • Coaching Tips – Millennials (Lecture 3)

  • Millennial Coaching Topics (Lecture 4)

  • Conversation Guide (Lecture 5)

  • Understanding the Generations (Lecture 6)

Join me to learn how to navigate the Millennial Maze, and become a more influential and promotable leader!


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