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Learn about Autumn Festivals in Finland and Baltic Countries

Learn about Autumn Festivals in Finland and Baltic Countries

Price: $34.99

Autumn was a magical time in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Estonia and Finland belong to the same language family (Finno-Ugric languages) but the similarities of these old autumn time festivals in these four countries are strikingly similar.

In this course, we will touch on some of the important Finnish and Baltic gods and deities that were connected to harvest and fertility. What happened during All Hallow´s Eve, and how in all these cultures, there was a special time period that was completely dedicated to honouring the ancestors and remember those who had passed away.

Several of these old festivals are no longer celebrated, but some of them like Finnish Kekri and Mardipäev in Estonia, still hold certain traditions that have lived on ´till today.

This course includes 6 lessons. It will help you to build a deeper understanding of the world view of ancient Baltic and Finno-Ugric tribes and the society that was based on agriculture.

– You will learn about the importance of family and honouring the ancestors.

-Names of these festivals, and when they were celebrated.

-Different magical rituals and spells were performed during these holidays.

– You will learn why the forest was such an important place in the past and home to many myths

-How the spirits were invited to be part of these festivities.

By the end of this course, you have a better understanding of folklore and the connections that these cultures had with one another.


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