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Learn How to Be a Better Leader Using Embodied Techniques

Learn How to Be a Better Leader Using Embodied Techniques

Price: $49.99

Be a better leader – in the widest sense of someone who has the freedom to choose how to live, and who can powerfully influence others: Be healthier, happier more in touch with yourself – Become significantly better at your work, whatever you do.

This course enables you to embody who you authentically are, deeply connect with others around you and make the most of your life.

First part of a three part series: ‘Learn How to Be a Better Leader Using Embodied Techniques’ , ‘Learn How to Be an Even Better Leader Using Embodied Techniques’ (coming soon), ‘Learn How to Be a Better Coach Using Embodied Techniques’ (coming soon).


This series uses the innovative “embodied” method working non-athletically with awareness, posture and movement. This was previously only available in person and usually at very high cost. This is the first time it has been made available in this format.


The package guides you though personal practices and offers many tips you can use immediately to become a happier more versatile person, and a more effective dynamic leader. It consists of not just theory but also tools you can use daily and describes many practical applications.


This course is the most comprehensive resource on embodiment and embodied learning available in the world. It is groundbreaking in both form and content and from one of the leading names in the field. Signing up will transform your personal leadership by giving you:

Over six hours of high quality video content and personal practices Including many demonstrations from several experienced practitioners as well as: – Footage of people brand new to the work – Pdfs to support

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