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Learn How To Grow Your Ministry Or Business With YouTube

Learn How To Grow Your Ministry Or Business With YouTube

Price: $49.99


This course will hold you by the hand and teach you how to use the youtube platform to popularize your ministry or business. Although, the primary target are the ministers of God, motivational speakers and singers who need to learn how to use the power of making YouTube videos to improve their ministries and make money therefrom. This course will benefit anyone who wants to learn how to make money online through youtube channels.

I started my online ministry of preaching on videos through youtube on the 28th of March 2009, and since then I have created so many websites and posted hundreds of videos to help and encourage others. Enroll for this course and let me show you how to:

  • Record simple videos with your handset and post it to youtube for possible view of about one billion people who daily throng to youtube for information.
  • show you what to do to make more people see your videos and thereby get more subscribers who will love your channel.
  • Use other ministers video to make money on your youtube channel
  • Make money on youtube even when you do not record any film or upload any video
  • Post videos to your youtube channel from youtube video editor without recording or uploading your own video
  • Understand which videos you can edit and post to your channel and which you must never touch
  • Monetize your youtube channel to rake in money even when you are sleeping.
  • Create ministry or business website yourself in a few simple steps without contracting it out to freelancers.
  • Use google’s blogger to create beautiful and professionally looking websites for your ministry and personal need and still enjoy doing it, because it is as easy as ABC.
  • Post every video you uploaded to youtube to your websites.
  • Learn how to post all your youtube videos to your facebook, twitter, linkedin, and all other social media network you joined or will join in the future.
  • Use whatsapp to send daily audio messages to your broadcast list.
  • And so much more

In this course, I will teach you how to grow a church using the internet and church growth strategies and principles that works also for small business owners. Christians speakers all over the world need to learn how to use youtube and the internet to help improve their ministries. There are so many church growth strategies, but this one is sure because your messages will automatically go to everywhere on planet earth.

With this course, I will show you how to create simple free or low cost websites that will inform people about your ministry activities. You will understand how to use the social media websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace, instangram and many others.

Today’s ministries or businesses need to learn to use technology that many people are using everyday. People are watching videos and listening to messages on youtube through their phones. If you enroll today, you will be many steps ahead of others, and you are sure of getting members and followers who will fall in love with your message and become your strongest ministry supporters.




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