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Learn Memory Techniques To Increase Your Memory 10 Times

Learn Memory Techniques To Increase Your Memory 10 Times

Price: $19.99

Learning depends on various factors:

1. Concentration

2. Interest

3. Association

We generally use Rote method for learning. We are told that if you want to memorize something you have to do reading and then repeat that content loudly or in mind. But this method of learning is not effective always. Our mind memorizes information in the form of pictures, audios or feelings. So to memorize information quickly and for longer period of time we should create images, audios, uniqueness and association between them. Also whatever we are learning should be known to our mind. Our mind doesn’t take unknown things. Life is word but our mind doesn’t take it as it doesn’t have any picture of life. Everybody has unique characteristics. We perceive things through three senses, visual, audio or kinesthetic (feelings). It is observed that kinesthetic learning is very strong. In your childhood you learned cycling, if you have not ride cycle for long time, you still remember how to ride cycle. Because it is in your muscles. Visual is week memory. Audio is in middle of these two.

This course of mine will help you to apply various memory techniques to memorize information For Example as shopping list, list of words, vocabulary etc.


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