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Learn Microsoft Exchange Server Beginner to Master

Learn Microsoft Exchange Server Beginner to Master

Price: $29.99

What is new?

– Hybrid Exchange – (Deployment, Co-existence, Migration and Decommission) – Completed

– Troubleshooting with students – Articles – New

Microsoft’s Exchange is a messaging platform that provides mailbox scheduling, solutions, and a variety of other tools for messaging collaboration and applications. This course offers Microsoft Exchange Server Training that helps you to understand the working of each technology in a Messaging environment and deployment of a single Exchange Server.

This course teaches IT, professionals, how to administer and support Exchange Server. The course covers how to install and configure Exchange Server. In addition, the course covers how to manage client connectivity, message transport and hygiene, and highly available Exchange Server deployments.

This course includes videos (11 hours), slides, scripts, Quiz and Projects. The lectures will help you understand the concepts behind the technology, and how to implement Microsoft Exchange Server in the production environment with best practices. The course builds from the most basic level of knowledge and provides a solid foundation to advanced concepts like Advanced Exchange Server and Hybrid Configuration with Exchange Online.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the Course

  • Basics of Email System

  • Active Directory for Exchange Server

  • Domain Name System

  • Introduction to Exchange Server

  • Deploy Basic Exchange Server

  • Mail Transport Service

  • Client Access Service

  • Outlook on the Web

  • Address book

  • Mobile ActiveSync

  • Edge Transport Server

  • Hybrid Exchange – Introduction to Hybrid Exchange

  • Hybrid Exchange – Hybrid Identity

  • Hybrid Exchange Configuration Wizard

  • Create and Test Resources in a Hybrid Exchange Setup

  • Migration and Mail flow management

  • Decommission your Exchange Server in a Hybrid Setup


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