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Learn Microsoft Power BI for Data Science

Learn Microsoft Power BI for Data Science

Price: $39.99

Learn from industry experts & get hands-on training to transform your business.

Become a Power BI expert and learn the employer’s most required skill of 2020!

This course will help you to achieve expertise in Business Analytics. This course helps you to build your capability to analyze, visualize and report data by using Microsoft Power BI. This Microsoft Power BI course covers the important tools to monitor business growth and quickly get answers through rich reporting features and interactive dashboards. The course may help you learn to connect and import business data, publish reports, create dashboards, and share with the business users. This course is best suited for Business Intelligence professionals who are required to generate reports and analyze data using Microsoft Power BI.

In this course, we will cover all the topics from Power BI Desktop and Services, including.

  • Power BI Desktop for Visualization (50 plus visuals)

  • Power Query Editor for Data Transformation

  • Data Modeling

  • DAX Calculations (50 plus Advanced DAX Calculations)

  • Power BI Services

In this course, you will work hands-on multiple case studies from different domains like Finance, Retail, Pharma, and HR.


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