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Learn Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Outlook In 90 Minutes!

Learn Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Outlook In 90 Minutes!

Price: $94.99

You’re Just Seconds Away From Leveraging Microsoft Office That Will Make It Possible For YOU To:

  1. Increase your Microsoft Office SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE within HOURS which will GET YOU NOTICED by Top Management & prospective Employers!

  2. Become more PRODUCTIVE at using Microsoft Office which will SAVE YOU HOURS each Day & ELIMINATE STRESS at work!

  3. Use Microsoft Office with CONFIDENCE that will lead to greater opportunities like a HIGHER SALARY and PROMOTIONS!


*** This entire courses can be DOWNLOADED for offline viewing on the Udemy mobile app (Android & iOS)! ***


If you want to get better at Microsoft Office so you get a better paying job or just get breeze through your tasks with Word, PowerPoint, Outlook or Excel then you are in the right place!

No matter if you are an Microsoft Office Beginner or NEVER USED MICROSOFT OFFICE before, you are sure to benefit from this quick course which goes through the MUST KNOW Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook & Excel features.

You will be able to master straight away the following (in just 90 minutes):

  • Microsoft Word Essentials

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Essentials

  • Microsoft Outlook Essentials

  • BONUS: 50 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts!

In Just 90 Minutes You Will Walk Away With…

  • MORE TIME (Who doesn’t want that?)

  • Create your own Word document, Outlook account, PowerPoint animated presentation from scratch in just 90 minutes!

  • Understand the essence of the Excel Keyboard Shortcuts, and see them in action!

  • See how the Microsoft Office suite is used with real examples!

After this class you will be able to:

  • Actually SMILE when you start creating your Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet and Outlook emails 🙂


Look, if you are really serious about GETTING BETTER at excel and ADVANCING your Microsoft Office skills…

…saving HOURS each day, DAYS each week and WEEKS each year…

…If you want to improve your PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT to achieve greater opportunities like PROMOTIONS, a HIGHER salary and KNOWLEDGE that you can take to another job…

…All whilst impressing your boss and STANDING OUT from your colleagues and peers…


Now you have the opportunity to join your fellow professionals who are taking this course and enhancing their Microsoft skills and JOB OPPORTUNITIES!

To enroll, click the ENROLL NOW button (risk-free for 30 days or your money back), because every hour you delay only delays your personal and professional progress…


>> Get LIFETIME Course access including ALL downloadable video tutorials, Exercises, 1-on-1 instructor SUPPORT and a 100% money-back guarantee!

>> Watch our PROMO VIDEO above and a few of our FREE VIDEO TUTORIALS to see for yourself just how beneficial this course is and how you too can become better at Microsoft Office


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