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Learn Siemens TIA Portal, S7-1200 PLC & WinCC HMI by Scratch

Learn Siemens TIA Portal, S7-1200 PLC & WinCC HMI by Scratch

Price: $34.99

Hey There,

The course will cover basic to advanced of concepts of Siemens PLC and HMI programming and interfacing techniques to groom students in the field of Industrial Automation. The course will teach students PLC Programming techniques based on Siemens hardware and designing Human Machine Interface to visualize and control data efficiently. Course will provide good knowledge and fair insight into how these automation systems.

This is a Level-1 Course that will cover Siemens PLCs from the scratch with overview of all siemens plc series and cover S7-1200 and TIA Portal which is their latest programming software.

You don’t need to have hardware to practice since i’ll be providing siemens software’s which works for 21 days and factory I/O which works for 30 days as trial

Those who wish to continue learning PLC, HMI and SCADA from me can join Siemens Level 2 and Level 3 courses at Automation Play where I have designed courses on Siemens Advanced Programming, Profinet Communication, SCL Programming, WinCC SCADA and more

Course Content

  • Introduction to Siemens PLCs

  • Siemens PLC Overview and Operation

  • Siemens PLC Communication Overview

  • Siemens PLC Wiring (Source/Sink)

  • Siemens PLC Ethernet Communication

  • Setting up TIA Portal, PLC SIM and WInCC

  • Interfacing S7-1200 PLC with TIA Portal

  • TIA Portal Complete Simulation using PLC SIM

  • Programming with Ladder Logic

  • Programming with Functional Block Diagram (FBD)

  • Programming with Structured Control Language (SCL)

  • Bit Logic Instructions

  • Timers and Counters Instructions

  • Comparators and Maths Instructions

  • Advance Programming Functions

  • Data movement Instructions

  • Analog Programming with tank level examples

  • PID Programming (P, PI, PID) with tank level live examples

  • S7-1200 PLC Diagnostics and Watch/Force Tables

  • WinCC HMI – Overview and Operation

  • WinCC HMI – Parameters Visual and Control

  • WinCC HMI – Animation

  • WinCC HMI – Alarm Handling

  • WinCC HMI – Interfacing with S7-1200 PLC

  • WinCC HMI – Complete Simulation

  • Factory I/O – Interfacing with S7-1200 PLC

  • Factory I/O – Simulation with TIA Portal

  • Factory I/O – 3D Factory Automation – Overview and Interfacing with TIA Portal

  • Factory I/O – Industrial Automation Examples with TIA Portal

Deliverables and Benefits:

  • Siemens TIA Portal and PLC SIM (Trial)

  • Siemens WinCC HMI (Trial)

  • Factory I/O (For Real Time Factory Automation) (Trial)

  • Training Lectures

  • Lifetime Access to the course


Anybody with basic knowledge of computer and electronics can learn

Learning Outcomes

  • Intermediate knowledge about PLCs and HMIs

  • Hands on Programming Experience

  • Understanding and implementation of PLC Programming

  • Understanding of Ladder Logic and FBD

  • Understanding of HMI Designing


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