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Learn some Simple Strategies from Game Theory !

Learn some Simple Strategies from Game Theory !

Price: $64.99

Game Theory and Decision Theory, model and analyze Interdependence, Cooperation, Competition and Conflict Management. This has given rise to powerful concepts and Strategies. These strategies are extremely necessary and useful for Leaders and Managers, and everyone else too!

Basic Concepts in Game Theory and Psychology can help us analyze situations of conflict, competition and cooperation, rigorously, rationally and even mathematically! Armed with information from the recent research and studies in these areas, you can soon become a force to reckon with, and upgrade your Leadership Skills and Management Strategies significantly.

Become Informed, Influential and Aware Leaders and Managers, armed with relevant knowledge of Game Theory and its cool Strategies for Competition and Conflict Management, learn how to encourage Cooperation, and effective ways to manage your ever growing network of interdependence.

This Course Introduces you to Basic Concepts, Economic Games and Strategies from Game Theory, and does not get into complicated mathematical modeling or probabilities.

Please note: This Course has nothing to do with Computer Games!

Some Images and Videos courtesy Pixabay, Pexels, Pressfoto, Alpha Stock Images and FreePik, as well as epictop10 at Flickr.
Some Music snippets courtesy Bensound.


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