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Learn SwiftUI by Building Popular App Layouts

Learn SwiftUI by Building Popular App Layouts

Price: Free

Do you want to learn SwiftUI but don’t know what to build? This mini-course will be perfect for you. I’m Gary, your teacher for this course. Some of you might recognize me from YouTube, where I post tutorials and videos around Swift, JS, and software engineering. I’m excited to share my first course with y’all!

This course will start by exploring the home layout of Instagram in Figma and breaking down the design into small composable views. This will help us quickly build the UI as it’s becomes a great reference guide. Then we’ll begin coding the Instagram home feed in SwiftUI.

You’ll learn how to use:

  • TabView

  • Stacks

  • Image

  • Text

Next, we’ll build out the Tinder swipe animation. This will give you an excellent introduction to gestures and animations. Well, build out the drag gesture and card UI in the first part, then make it a swipeable deck in part 2.

You’ll learn how to use:

  • Animation

  • Drag gesture

  • State

The mini-course teaches you some SwiftUI fundamentals and shows you how to approach coding and solve these particular UI-related problems. It’s not an entire course.

A few requirements for the course:

  • Swift programming basics (know loops, functions, variables, structs, etc.)

  • SwiftUI basics preferred not required.

  • MacBook

  • Xcode 12+

  • Figma (optional) – will help to see the Instagram designs and breakdown.


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