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Learn the Library of Congress System (Advanced LPO Vol 1)

Learn the Library of Congress System (Advanced LPO Vol 1)

Price: $94.99

In this course, you’ll learn how to use the LCC (Library of Congress Classification) to organize your learning projects.

In previous course, I’ve recommended using a 4 digit system where you come up with your own numbers for each learning projects in a fairly ad hoc/random manner.

But what if someone could tell you exactly which number to use for every single learning project you ever create?

That’s what the LCC is for.

Some of you may have heard about the Dewey Decimal Classification or even the Universal Decimal Classification. I explain why LCC is better than these two in the course.

One of the key benefits of this course is that I show you how to simplify the LCC so that it doesn’t get overwhelming for your purposes.

Using the LCC in it’s raw form can be overwhelming because it often goes into too much detail. I show you in the course how to strike the right balance.

I also show you how to migrate your old 4 digit Learning Project numbers to the new system, in a way that is painless and should take 5-60 minutes, depending on which of 2 methods you choose.

My hope is that long term this system will not just help individuals organize their learning better, but also help people collaborate better and share their learning, notes and other materials more effectively.

A side benefit of this course is that it’s also helps you build a more well rounded knowledge base. Because the LCC is aimed at being totally comprehensive…able to categorize every book in existence, that means if you learn it’s structure, you are laying a critical foundation to have a fully comprehensive picture of all the human knowledge in existence.

Of course you won’t have time to learn it all, but you can at least build a skelaton structure so that as you learn more, you always have a place to put each new things you learn. There will be no more isolated knowledge islands.

This in turn will help your creativity, because you will better be able to take ideas from one domain and apply them in a novel way in another domain.

See you in the course,



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