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Learn to be a Financial Analyst

Learn to be a Financial Analyst

Price: $24.99

BLACK FRIDAY BONUS: For all students who enroll in the course during the black friday sales period I will personally review your resume/provide suggestions for how to make it more appealing to an employer hiring for a financial analyst role. I won’t rewrite the whole resume but will provide direction on how you can make it better/garner more interest and interviews. Upon enrollment in the course you will receive a welcome message that tells you how to request your resume review. After having over 1,000 students take the course I’ve learned that this is the main question I get from students. Don’t delay, enroll in the course today!

*****Join over 1,000 students who have now taken this course*****

Financial Analyst ranks as one of the 100 Best Jobs for 2020 on U.S. News and World Reports Rankings.

With a median starting salary of $55K a year and projected job growth of 16% per year this is one of the most in demand and rewarding careers you can have.

This course’s primary objective is to train you to be a financial analyst for a major corporation.

  • This course is for anyone who just graduated from college or has some work experience and would like to change careers, I have designed the course to give you confidence to get into a rewarding and exciting career.

  • Think of this course as on the job training for a financial analyst. I will teach you the key terminology, essential job duties and how to perform them, as well as the best way to go about your job search.

  • The course is structured around the monthly, quarterly and annual job duties you will perform including variance analysis, forecasting, budgeting, annual business plan processes and more!

  • Course Materials provided include: PDF training manual, glossary of terms, multiple excel templates, free excel training resources, resume tips and even a sample financial analyst resume. These materials are designed for you to be able to use as a resource on your new job!

  • This course is NOT geared towards analysis for investing but rather corporate finance.


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