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Learn to master ETL data integration with Pentaho kettle PDI

Learn to master ETL data integration with Pentaho kettle PDI

Price: $54.99

Pentaho kettle Development course with Pentaho 8 – 08-2019 #1

  • Learn how to Develop real pentaho kettle projects

  • Get a lot of tips and tricks.

  • Become master in transformation steps and jobs

  • Know how to set Pentaho kettle environment

  • Be familiar with the most used steps of Pentaho kettle

  • Solve issues

  • Start making money as an ETL developer

What is the target audience?

  • SQL developers, ETL developers, code developers (Python, PHP…), Automation developers, BI developers, software project managers and anyone who like to understand what is ETL

  • the Pentaho kettle course is meant for people who have some background with SQL syntax, Queries, and database design, you don’t need to be expert on that, I will guide you through

  • in case you don’t know SQL at all, I suggest you take a course-specific for that before you enroll in this course

  • this course is only for students who are serious in working hands-on, practice and some more practice. it is not reading or watching. you will be an expert but only if you try everything I show by your self


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