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Learn to use jira to manage agile, scrum software project

Learn to use jira to manage agile, scrum software project

Price: $94.99

This introductory Jira course will get you up to speed on how to be productive and effective in Jira. About THREE solid hours of content, we’ll focus on the three main areas:



  • JIRA

We’ll start by covering some core concepts and terms you’ll need to know about scrum (sprint, spring planning, product backlog, user stories) and look at the example before diving into the JIRA software itself.

We will then look at Jira from an end user’s perspective; The key things you’ll need to know as someone who’s just using Jira at your company? That’s what we’ll look at in the final module.

Whether you’re a team leader or manager using Jira, there’s some things you can do to help your team be more effective. So we’ll look at some of these things in the final module.

Although you’re advised to follow the course logically, you are free to skip to any section that immediately will address what you need. For example, you can find it beneficial to understand how Jira workflows and processes work so just jump to the section. If you’re scrum master keen to set up your board then jump to the board creation section. Do you need a quick tip on how to configure something in JIRA? Just skip to the lesson on that topic.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to create status, manage boards, workflows, schemes, filters, dashboards the JIRA Software way while looking great to your peers and key stakeholders, get started with the videos now.

Whether you’re new to JIRA or Agile methodologies, an Agile Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner or software developer, this course will provide you the strategic and tactical essentials to get the most out of your JIRA Agile projects using a REAL web design example project, while saving you tons of time during the learning process.


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