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Learn to Use Microsoft Word with Great Skill

Learn to Use Microsoft Word with Great Skill

Price: $89.99

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to use Microsoft Word to the best of your ability

  • How to operate the most frequently used features in the MS Word program for creating documents, scripts, letters, etc…

  • How to format words, paragraphs, documents, without limit

  • How to find any word in your document, and replace it with once click

  • How to edit spacing between paragraphs with ease

  • Quick keyboard shortcuts to make editing efficient and fast

  • Once completed, you will be ready to accomplish, review, or edit any project using MS Word

  • Once completed you will no longer get stuck midway through a project, trying to figure out how to get it done

The lessons are presented using screen capturing, demonstrating every action and tips described throughout

The pace is perfect for any learner to engage, take notes, or work along with the instruction given

Enjoy the course!


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