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Learning and Teaching Memory and Study Skills

Learning and Teaching Memory and Study Skills

Price: $54.99

For the past 5 years, I have been teaching reading comprehension/information literacy college-level courses. Based on the education I received through my doctoral degree in combination with my BA degree and certificate in Psychology, I designed this course for the high school graduate, college freshman, and person who just wants to review how to enjoy reading. Reading helps you figure out where the answers are for your questions. It will help you look at the question and figure out what information you need to answer the question.

Do you know when you need information to solve a problem or question? Can you find the right information that is needed to solve your problem or question? Do you know how to use it to answer your problem or question? This course is designed to mold you into an information literate individual for school and for life. Information Literacy means that you can understand when information is needed for a given problem or question. It also means that you would be able to find and assess the information that answers the problem or question. In addition it also means you know how to answer the question with the information.

This course will help you understand where to find your answer and how to select a more focused response to your question. Finally, this course will help you to read sources, find the answer to your question, and use it correctly to answer the question.

You will learn the Three T’s (Talking, Tinkering, and Traveling) process in order to become more information literate in school and life. Through you talking out your problem, you will be able to Tinker around with different angels of your problem to help you decipher the type of answer that you will need for the problem. The Three T’s will lead you to Travel online or to face to face sources for a more focused answer to your question.

Lecture Notes available through Amazon under the title, Student Skills for Students on How to be more Effective in Reading Comprehension.

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