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Let’s Make Python Easy – Zero to Hero

Let’s Make Python Easy – Zero to Hero

Price: $79.99

This course is specifically designed for all learners, who are looking to get comfortable with Python programming.

This course will offer :

  1. A gentle introduction to Python programming.

  2. Try to generate ease of use of Jupyter Notebook

  3. Step by step movement of levels of Python coding

  4. Slow and easy learning pace

  5. Not going into very complex coding at one go but going to pace up slowly

This course will start from basics and will help in installation of Python, Anaconda, JuPyter Notebook and walk through of JuPyter Notebook.

Then we will understand some basics navigations of Jupyter notebook. Next we will move to some basic operations in Python and gradually we will level up to advanced operations.

These operations includes introduction to different data types in Python, then mathematical operations, string operations, advanced string operations, if – Else, loops (for Loops), list operations, List Comprehensions, Python function & Python Lambda.

Also just to let you know that we will update the course on regular interval to ensure that you keep on moving up in your learning path.

If you are looking to transition into Python programming, Data Analytics or Data Science roles then this course will be best start you can ever have.

So now what you are waiting for ? Please go ahead and confirm your enrolment !!!


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