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Life affirming self-care for busy mothers

Life affirming self-care for busy mothers

Price: $44.99

Whatever your life looks like, balancing motherhood with the rest of your life while being responsive to your own wants and needs can be a challenge. The daily responsibilities and the pressure of never having enough time to do everything that needs to be done weigh heavy on many of us. And while we meet the needs of those around us, we often completely forget or ignore ourselves.

The central theme of this course, this journey, is creating and allowing time and space for your own self-care. But it is much more than that. It is an exploration of your ingrained beliefs, how your boundaries can let you down, how your guilt holds you back and how rarely many of us realise that help is at hand. This course helps you to gently have a look at your life and put into place changes that will not only benefit you, but ultimately also those you love and care about.

Throughout the course you are encouraged to take action so that you create the change that is needed. Because it is through changes in thoughts, behaviours and action that will help you create a life in which you flourish, are energetic and loving towards yourself.

Tiina guides you gently, with humour and wisdom, sharing her own personal learnings from being a mum and professional coach to hundreds of women. She is intimately aware of the challenge of claiming time for self-care while balancing a career, childcare and others wants and needs.

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