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Life Coach Certification

Life Coach Certification

Price: $24.99

Life Coaching is a positive, forward-thinking, active partnership with the client. It is exciting to watch clients realize their life purposes, design viable strategies, and conquer life goals.

Life Coaches inspire, motivate, and empower clients to set and get life goals!

As you move though this program, you will explore and gain the above noted skills, and begin to revel in your clients’ life successes! What you will learn:

Foundation Coaching Course (17 Video Modules)

  • Coaching Basics

  • Understanding the ICF

  • Getting Started as a Coach

  • Running Effective Coaching Sessions

  • The First Free Coaching Session

  • Understanding Goal Attainment and Creating the Action Plan

  • Powerful Questions in Coaching

  • Active Listening, Acknowledging, and Empowering

  • Business Assessments and Analysis in Coaching

  • What is a Business Coach and How to Profit

  • Who Needs a Business Coach

  • Business Coaching Options

  • Business Communication Coaching

  • Business Marketing Coaching

  • Coaching Techniques to Help Your Client Deal With Stress

  • Coaching Techniques to Help Your Client with Health and Wellness in the Workplace

  • Conflict Resolution Coaching

  • Help Your Client Write a Business Plan ( Business Plan Coaching)

Increasing Self-Awareness Course

12 Video Modules, Worksheets, Quiz (applicable for your using with clients)

  • Getting Started

  • What is the Self

  • Awareness of the Physical Self

  • Time Management

  • The Emotional Self

  • Mood Management

  • The Mental Self

  • Interpersonal Awareness

  • The Spritual Self

  • Limitations of Self Awareness

  • Wrapping Up

Increasing Your Happiness Course

12 Video Modules, Worksheets, Quiz (applicable for using with clients)

  • Getting Started

  • Plan Ahead for Happiness

  • Plan Your Day

  • Relate to Others

  • Go to Your Happy (Work) Space

  • Accentuate the Positive

  • Use Your Benefits

  • Take Control of Your Career Happiness

  • Set Boundaries

  • Practice Positivity

  • Choose to be Happy

  • Wrapping Up

Goal Setting & Getting Things Done Course

12 Video Modules, Worksheets, Quiz (applicable for using with clients)

  • Getting Started

  • Overcoming Procrastination (I)

  • Overcoming Procrastination (II)

  • Four P’s of Goal Setting

  • Improving Motivation

  • Wise Time Management

  • Tips for Completing Tasks

  • Increase Your Productivity

  • “To Do” List Charasteristics

  • SMART Goals

  • Mistakes will Happen

  • Wrapping Up

Emotional Intelligence Course

12 Video Modules, Worksheets, Quiz (applicable for using with clients)

  • Getting Started

  • What is Emotional Intelligence

  • Skills in Emotional Intelligence

  • Verbal Communication Skills

  • Non-Verbal Communication Skills

  • Social Management and Responsibility

  • Tools to Regulate Your Emotions

  • Gaining Control

  • Business Practices (I)

  • Business Practices (II)

  • Making an Impace

  • Wrapping Up

The Life Coach Certification program is offered via a home-study course to help you slowly absorb the information presented; and provide time for you to complete the videos, exercises, and quizes, before you take on new clients.


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