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Life Coaching certification course Updated August 2021

Life Coaching certification course Updated August 2021

Price: $29.99

Action Factory courses are for real people in a real world. In fact, I believe, everything a great coach needs is available in this course.

Once you completed this course, message me and I will guide you to join our live virtual classroom, free.

“We focus on what people want and not the problem.”

Some coaches only help “happy people”; people who don’t have issues or problems in their life. With the unique combination of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and coaching, Action Factory certified trainers can coach people even if there is chaos in their life.

You are the solution! Find out how to solve your own problems and become the life coach so many people desperately need. Action Factory offers you the life changing experience with premium NLP Practitioner training and Life Coaching Certification.

Human beings form patterns and behaviours. “Bad habits” are unwanted behaviours that served you well in your past but there comes a time when that habit is not applicably anymore. Deep-rooted behaviour patterns are sometimes challenging to adjust and change. Action Factory’s neuro linguistic programming Training Institute teaches you the necessary skills and techniques to experience the behavioural and emotional pattern shifts in all areas of your life.

Deon’s business experience and senior management roles in organizations combined with his life experience and training skills bring a unique perspective to the Corporate Training Centre at Action Factory. His track record speaks for itself. When training sales teams and they apply these expert techniques, sales in the company increases.This is a course to teach new coaches and experienced coaches the secret elements of successful coaching.

There are many courses in the market but few that are based on many years experience and training.

This course is based on over 10 000 hours of my coaching and coach training experiences.

Life coaches with experience will find this course useful as a reminder and new learning.

This course is never finished, constantly check back in because we are upgrading the course every month with new techniques, skills and great learning.

Life in the 21st Century is truly a hectic challenge. There is so much we have to juggle to ensure we don’t “sink”. How much of our own life dreams have we put on hold? We try and do our best in our jobs, marriages, friendships, children, money, relaxation, social activities, commitments, family….and the list goes on.

A lack of time and high stress levels seems to be the result.

Too many choices, too many decisions confront us.

The best medicine is available! Life Coaching.

What is Life Coaching?

Allow me to first verify what a Life Coaching is not. A Life Coach is not a genie that has suddenly appeared from a magical lamp. It is not someone that will listen to all your sad woes and then give you a golden response that will dissolve all your fears and bestow on you all your wishes in an instant.

A Life Coach is a person that will assist you, in developing yourself, to the person you believe you can be, doing the things you believe, that makes you happy, with results, which you have pre-set and are delighted with. That sentence says a lot. Take a minute to read it again, sit back and think about it for a minute.

Coaching is all about developing natural behavior preferences, actions, goals and beliefs that empower people to get going, act and achieve true desires and fulfillment.

There could be many areas of one’s life that requires attention:

· Career and work

· Business

· Money and wealth

· Relationships

· People interactions

· Health and wellbeing

· Personal Growth

Life Coaching brings all of these elements into the correct focus and balance.

Life Coaching is not:

· Counseling or therapy

· Mentoring

· Giving advice

Life Coaching is mostly a dialogue that moves someone in the right direction. “it is a purposeful conversation that inspires you to create the life you want”.

It is a structured method to lead people

· to be as productively as possible

· to devise programs of self development

· to create strategies and systematic plans for improvement

· to ensure plans and strategies are implemented

· to measure progress

The word coach refers to its original use as a vehicle to transport. In essence coaching is the process of taking a person from one place to another.

Life Coaching is a form of coaching. There are many other types of coaching, sport, music, writing, voice etc. Life coaching is a conversational form of coaching. It is the dialogue that assist the coachee to move from one point to another.

Coaching is a natural occurrence and all of us would have coached someone in our lives. Training as a professional coach will teach you to be able to have better results in a shorter time frame.

A life coach uses conversation and processes to ensure the coachee has a positive progression from a position in life to a better position in life. Coaching is not for people that are only broken. The top performers in life have coaches. A coach can make a good person great.

As a coach we are not required to be better than the coachee. A top tennis player uses a coach to become even better. The coach is the catalyst for improvement not a better tennis player. The same regulation applies to all forms of coaching. In fact, the opposite often seems to be true. Good performers are not always capable to coach others.

There are many varied statistics available regarding performance improvement from coaching. The facts are, coaching improves performance, brings balance and assists in a healthier life style.

A Life Coach is an invaluable asset, helping you achieve your dreams and goals in twice the speed with half the stress, and a Life Coach can help assure you don’t spend many years miserable in the wrong job, or waste precious time climbing a ladder that’s wrong for you. A Life Coach is a great success companion and mentor and your Coach has some amazing modern human technologies and skills to help you find you.

Life Coaching has become a much sought after career these days because actually, everybody needs somebody to bounce ideas off, to champion them, to challenge them, to help them break through barriers and blocks to their success and to help them see clearly. A Life Coach has a bunch of tools and processes to assist you with your decisions, to help you with your problems, to keep you focused and ensure you get where you want to be in life.

As a Life Coach, you take people through a series of sessions, often 6 sessions, and each session focuses on a different aspect of life. A Life Coach never gives people advice. Life Coaching is not about advice, it’s about taking people through very specific technically advanced processes that help people find their own solutions. Life Coaching is about asking excellent questions that unlock the hidden potential in a person. A Life Coach learns all the processes and learns the excellent questions that need to be asked.


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