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Life Coaching Masterclass Certificate – Novice To Expert

Life Coaching Masterclass Certificate – Novice To Expert

Price: $94.99

Welcome to the Life Coaching Masterclass Certificate – Novice To Expert.

In this course, you will be exploring numerous interesting topics that can take you from where you are to where you want to be. You will understand your brain from a different perspective that will help you achieve success as a life coach.

The topics to cover would include:

1) In This Course, You Will Get To Learn Life Coaching From A-Z

2) Understand How To Become A Learning Machine Through Effective Speed Reading And Learning Concepts That You Will Learn And Apply

3) Become A Master Of Productivity And Time Management Through The 20+ Productivity Formulas Included In The Course

4) Access A Deep Level Of Intelligence And Creativity Through Proper Brainstorming Tactics, Mind Mapping Training, And 15+ Applicable Formulas You Can Use

5) Explore The True Power And Potential Of Your Brain Through The Concepts Of Neuroplasticity And Neuro-Linguistic Programming

6) Gain The Ability To Rewire Your Brain And Take Control Of Your Thoughts, Habits, Feelings And Emotions

7) You Will Dive Deep Into The World Of Well-Being And Emotional Intelligence Where You Will Learn 26+ Formulas For Stability, Control And Emotional Intelligence

8) Become A Master Of Your Habits By Understanding, Controlling And Changing Habits The Way You Want To

9) You Will LEARN, UNDERSTAND And APPLY The 9 Neuroplasticity Principle Pinnacles For Effective Brain Wiring Get Ready To Learn MORE THAN 50 Cognitive Systems That Will Help You Rewire Your Brain, Generate More Neurons And Neural Structures And Ensure An Optimal Neurological Health For Future Neural Structural Wiring.

10) Understand Your Memories And Their Subliminal Effect On Your Daily Life – Learn How To Control, Erase And Control Bad Memories

11) Learn How To Control, Change Or Eliminate Your Habits, Conscious And Subconscious Behaviors, And Effectively Implement New Habit Systems In Your Daily Life

12) Finally, Learn How To Use The Power Of Marketing To Grow A Life Coaching Business Online


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